So, what is Brand Engagement?

If you ask Google, the first thing you’ll get is the Wikipedia definition:

And it’s not too far off from how we understand and advocate for it here at Anthem ATL.

For us and our clients, brand engagement is about creating long-term relationships between people and brands by understanding things from the consumer’s perspective first. What’s their day like? What do they need and want? How do they think? What makes them laugh, and what turns them off? It’s more than thinking of them as data points or consumers of whatever product we’re selling, although data can be a critical component of piecing together their story. Brand engagement at its core is based on getting to know our audience as real, human, unpredictable people, then finding the spot where their beliefs and behaviors intersect with the brand’s purpose—the aha! Insight—and crafting the ideas, stories, and experiences that resonate on an emotional level.

For all that lofty talk, we know that the broader notion of Brand Engagement isn’t a new concept. But it’s still a less-traditional approach to marketing in the sense that we’re not pushing product messaging at all times, even for things like $3.99 milkshakes that just seem to scream SELL ME!

For some brands, the prospect of approaching a challenge from a human-centered mindset vs. a product-driven approach can be uncomfortable. But that’s where strategy, insights, and an agency partner who’s comfortable pushing the boundaries of uncomfortable can help bridge the gap—turning a brand that people just buy into one they truly buy INTO.